MicroLine 2000 Ci

MicroLine 2000 Ci

Versatile, affordable, inline laser depaneling

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The LPKF MicroLine 2000 Ci is ideal for anyone who needs a versatile, efficient depaneling method. Powered by UV lasers that make clean, burr-free cuts, MicroLine 2000 Ci systems eliminate mechanical stress and greatly limit thermal stress. This makes the MicroLine 2000 Ci perfect for depaneling any substrate - from FR4 to ceramics, polyesters, and more. In particular the MicroLine 2000 Ci demonstrates its superiority when handling flexible materials such as polyimide.

The MicroLine 2000 Ci can be customized to fit your applications. Its inline chassis and can be equipped with either a 10 or 15 watt laser source. A built-in exhaust unit removes all material evaporated by the laser energy, ensuring board surfaces are residue-free.

Technical Specifications: MicroLine 2000 Ci

Laser Class 1
Max. Working Area (X.Y.Z) 300 mm x 250 mm x 11 mm (11.8" x 9.8" x 0.4")
Max. Recognition area (X.Y) 300 mm x 250 mm (11.8" x 9.8")
Max. Material Size 300 mm x 250 mm (11.8" x 9.8")
Data Input Formats Gerber, X-Gerber, DXF, HPGL, Sieb & Meier, Excellon, ODB++
Max. Structuring Speed Dependant on application
Positioning Accuracy +/- 25 µm (1 mil)
Diameter of Focused Beam 20 µm (0.8 mil)
Laser Wavelength 355 nm
System Dimensions (WxHxD) 875 mm x 1530 mm x 1300 mm (34.5" x 60.2" x 51.2")*
Weight 450 kg (990 lbs)
Operating Conditions  
Power Supply 85 V- 260 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 440 W
Cooling Air-cooled (internal water-air cooling)
Compressed Air 0.6 Mpa (87 psi)
Ambient Temperature 22 °C +/- 2 °C (72 °F +/- 4 °F)
Humidity <60% (non-condensing)
Required Accessories Exhaust unit, external conveyor, production fixture
*    Height incl. StatusLight = 2020 mm (79.6”)
Technical specifications subject to change.
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