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 E-Series Equipment
 The LPKF E-Series is a specially designed, economical solution for rapid PCB prototypes. The products in the series cover the needs for cost-effective, easy to use, reliable assembly of low-volume production. This is a perfect solution for beginners and for professionals, as well as for applications in an educational environment.

LPKF ProtoFlow E
Part #: 10023178
Weight: 50
Price: $3,800.00   1 ea

A convectional desktop oven for SMT reflow soldering, up to 6.3" x 7.9" (160 x 200 mm). Max. process temperature of 600°F (320°C). 30 programmable profiles for lead-free and lead containing soldering; multi-zone  temperature/time profiles; navigation keys and LCD display, manually driven drawer and internal illumination. Can connect to PC via 2.0 USB port.

* Call 503-454-4232 for lead time