Cleaner Joints, Stronger Seals:

Laser Plastic Welding of Automotive Lighting

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Modern automotive lighting is as much dictated by design as it is functionality. Exterior lighting has become a focal point of car designs and compromising large, curvy, free-form designs for function, durability and ease of assembly just isn’t an option any longer.

With traditional welding and assembly methods, engineers and designers are in a constant battle of limitations. Laser plastic welding, however, introduces a new option with great potential to change how designers and engineers create lamps.

In The Webinar:

  • How laser plastic welding works
  • An overview of the 6-axis robot system used for lamp welding
  • How laser welding can reduce reject rates
  • Hybrid laser welding vs. standard laser welding

Who This Will Benefit:

  • Engineers
  • Lamp designers
  • Engineering managers
  • C-level management
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