ProtoPlace S

ProtoPlace S

Semi-automatic SMT assembly system

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The LPKF ProtoPlace S is an ergonomically designed, semi-automatic pick & place system for the professional assembly of SMT printed circuit board prototypes and small batch projects. The ProtoPlace S quickly assembles SMT boards, with the user controlling each step of the assembly process through an LCD display. Most functions are easily executed from an interface panel with four directional arrows.

  • Precise fine-pitch component assembly
  • Camera system aids component positioning
  • Pneumatic component placement
  • Integrated solder paste dispenser

A camera system coupled with the display ensures easy and accurate component positioning control, so the ProtoPlace S can precisely assemble complex circuits.

Manually guided movements of the ProtoPlace S manipulator can be locked in both the X- and Y-directions, and fine adjustments can be performed using micrometer screws. A pneumatic device supports the positioning of the components, eliminating errors and guaranteeing accuracy.

Three different feeders supply the components. An integrated dispenser for solder paste is standard equipment.



The micro-table clamps printed circuit boards as large as 297 mm x 420 mm (11.8" x 16.5"). A fine-adjustment capability and X and Y axis lockdowns make the ProtoPlace ideal for the placement of complex components.

LCD Display

Control and monitor the process via the 4-line LCD display.


The integrated multifunctional keyboard allows the direct selection of options, fine control of adjustments, and setting precise individuals parameters.


The manipulator picks & places components, and soldering with paste, glues and washers. The manipulator easily reaches every feeder (stick and tape feeders, turntable, or palette) by using vacuum and a picking needle. An additional manual control rotates components where needed and manual places components with only the touch of the needle.


This external unit dispenses soldering paste, glues, and washers from its mount directly on the manipulator.

Air Regulator

The air regulator regulates pressure during dispensing, vacuum during placement, and vacuum during dispensing.


Each ProtoPlace S includes user-friendly software designed to ease the operation and automation of component placement and paste dispensing.

Foot Switch

The integrated foot switch provides additional hands-free mode control to the user.


Motorized Turntable

The optional motorized turntable stores individual components in bins, and permits a significantly accelerated picking process. The bins can be labeled with type, value and sign.

Feeder Carrier

The feeder carrier can hold up to 12 feeders, both tube or tape and reel type.

Micro Camera

The micro camera mounts directly on the manipulator and feeds a video signal of the process directly to the optional monitor.


The optional monitor, in tandem with the optional micro camera, allows the user to track and control small parts placement very precisely.

Tape and Reel Feeders

The LPKF ProtoPlace S uses tape feeders serving 8mm, 12mm, and 16mm components.

Tube Feeders

The LPKF ProtoPlace S supports stick feeders serving SO8 - SO28, SO8L - SO28L components, as well as PLCC28 - PLCC44 and PLCC52 - PLCC84 components.

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Technical Specifications: ProtoPlace S

Max. Circuit board size 297 mm x 420 mm (11.8" x 16.5")
Min. Size of Components 0201 chip components
Operating air pressure (dispensing) 0.1-4 bar (1.4-58 psi)
Pulse/pause duration 0.1-9 s/ 0.1-2 s
Dosing Quantity min. 0.2 mm³
Vacuum 0-0.8 bar
Turntable position Back
Feeders Position Left
Power Supply 115/230 V, 50-60 Hz, 10 W
Compressed air supply 6 bar min., 10 l/min, oil free, water free
Dimensions (Basic) 760 mm x 250 mm x 760 mm (30" x 9.8" x 30")
Dimensions (with options) 1000 mm x 500 mm x 900 mm (39.4" x 19.7" x 35.4")
Weight 25-35 kg (55.1-77.2 lbs) with additional/optional equipment
Technical specifications subject to change.
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