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"Thanks to our LPKF ProtoMat we took a project that should have taken 10 weeks and did it in only one week."

~Paul Clark from Honeywell C&K Systems

The ProtoMat® S-Series provides precise, quick and simple in-house PCB prototyping, delivering PCBs in hours instead of days. The reduction of time and money spent on outsourcing services translates into greater project momentum, increased productivity, and quicker time-to-market turnarounds.

System Features

  • Acoustic cabinet
  • Automatic tool depth calibration
  • Solder paste dispensing
  • CircuitPro software
  • Fully upgradeable

ProtoMat S103

Extensively equipped for multilayer and microwave and RF applications, the S103 is extremely fast and accurate, ensuring ultra-fine PCB prototyping. The system routes complex shapes and cut-outs, depanelizes populated PCBs, housing parts, or front panels, and processes substrates with delicate surfaces.

ProtoMat S63

The perfect addition to any engineering environment, the S63 is designed for high quality in-house PCB prototyping including multilayer and microwave and RF applications. The system includes automated features such as tool change, milling width adjustment, and solder paste dispensing.

ProtoMat E34 / E44

The E series LPKF ProtoMats are a low-cost introduction to the world of professional in-house printed circuit board prototyping. They will structure single- or double-sided circuit boards, drill holes for through-plating and cut individual boards from the base material.